Fume Cupboard Doctor specialise in introducing new facilities as well as upgrading existing ones. Sometimes the extraction systems can be improved so you will just need to replace the actual fume cupboard.

Fume Cupboard Doctor does not manufacture fume cupboards.

We do champion a European designed fume cupboard which we sell at the same price as the supplier, this fume cupboard is produced in the UK.

Complete package is our USP. Fume cupboard extraction system, building works and all other services. We are flexible with designs to suit the needs of each individual establishment.


Fume Cupboard Doctor can visit and evaluate all breakdown aspects. We will advise on any other essential improvements and produce full certification on completion.


Ducted and filter fume cupboard testing is a legal requirement to test under COSHH regulations every 14 months (1 year). Fume cupboard and LEV testing is critical to ensure safety of the users at source and ensuring fumes are dispersed correctly. Duty for employers and safety advisors to employ control measures for continued safety when using hazardous substances. Environment must also be considered and protected from the effects of chemical fumes into atmosphere.

Why choose us?

Fume Cupboard Doctor is a trusted advisor and installer. Our knowledge and experience has been utilised to advise on installations and designs by many schools and universities. We look after over 1000 fume cupboards in schools and universities. Industrial fume cupboards are of interest to us but are currently only a small percentage of what we do. We are involved with various consultants that utilise our knowledge at design stage and try and include us in the package as they trust us from design to commission without any issues.

Gary Heyburn of fume cupboard doctor has for many years looked after our fume cupboards at School of Pharmacy University of Brighton. He has provided a reliable and reasonably priced service and I have no problems recommending his company.


How we work

As demand is so high we will discuss the situation before deciding on a visit. Modern technology aids us with photos and video evidence.

Work was done efficiently, on schedule and accommodating our use of the labs. Good friendly communication-emails were always answered promptly.

RACHEL HADI-TALAB, Institute of Education
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