What can Fume Cupboard Doctor offer

COSHH Annual testing

Fume cupboards have to be tested every year.
Our 35 year experience looking after 1000 plus fume cupboards annually makes us the popular choice to take on this responsibility.
By using FCDOC we can get any repair costs quickly without having to arrange further visits.Some repairs can be made on the spot free of charge.


TECHNOLOGY is improving FUME CUPBOARD operations saving on energy . Some ideas are gimmicks and have flaws. FUME CUPBOARD DOCTOR spends a lot of time, at the clients expense, correcting installations, adaptations and poor choices.


INSTALLATION is the critical part of our service. Fume Cupboard doctor can put together a package to replace or upgrade your facilities from start to finish. FCD will undertake all aspects and our support service is quick and precise.



Fume Cupboard Doctor specialise in introducing new facilities as well as upgrading existing ones. Sometimes the extraction systems can be improved so you will just need to replace the actual fume cupboard.

Fume Cupboard Doctor does not manufacture fume cupboards.

We do champion a European designed fume cupboard which we sell at the same price as the supplier, this fume cupboard is produced in the UK.

Complete package is our USP. Fume cupboard extraction system, building works and all other services. We are flexible with designs to suit the needs of each individual establishment.


Fume Cupboard Doctor can visit and evaluate all breakdown aspects. General maintenance items are regularly available from our stores. Bespoke methods are available to upgrade older fume cupboards where certain outdated parts are no longer available. We will advise on any other essential improvements and produce full certification on completion.


Ducted and filter fume cupboard testing is a legal requirement to test under COSHH regulations every 14 months (1 year). Fume cupboard and LEV testing is critical to ensure safety of the users at source and ensuring fumes are dispersed correctly. Duty for employers and safety advisors to employ control measures for continued safety when using hazardous substances. Environment must also be considered and protected from the effects of chemical fumes into atmosphere.